“It’s all about

love for

The Beatles”


“For Beatle fans,

‘She Loves You’

is perfection”


“The audience were ecstatic and energised to the point where some may have believed they were actually seeing the Beatles themselves.”


“Young children, parents, grandparents and even teens (teens - can you believe it?) were in thrall to the authentic feel of another time.”


‘She Loves You’ is a musical tribute to The Beatles and a multimedia visual retrospective of the 60s that is guaranteed to entertain all ages. It is the only Beatle show to have been granted the Ed Sullivan rights.

With the use of classic newsreel footage, commercial advertisements and clips from the iconic American television variety program ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’, audiences are transported back in time to experience, and in many cases, re-experience the decade of love, turbulence, fashion and music, that changed the world forever.  

What makes this flashback in time so uniquely special, is that it is set to a live musical performance of 30 songs composed by The Beatles; the iconic band whom many scholars and music fans alike consider to be the greatest and most culturally influential music act of all time. 

The show includes four world renowned, musicians/vocalists and Beatle impersonators who have all performed on the West End and/or Broadway.   

“She Loves You - truest most authentic Beatles musical tribute ever”



Our smash hit show ‘She Loves You’ was originally put together as a 50 minute headline show for Crystal Cruises in 2008. Based on the overwhelming response and feedback from audiences, we developed it into a full 2 hour theatre show.

The show tells the story, via music and multimedia, of how the Beatles influenced the decade of the 60s and how the 60s in turn influenced the Beatles. Our audiences get a nostalgic look back at one of the most interesting and transformative decades for music, fashion, culture and art.

The full show began with a sell out run in Connecticut before going on to extended runs in Philadelphia and St Louis concurrently.

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