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What is a Traditional Storyteller?

A Traditional Storyteller is someone who has mastered the art of telling a story so well that the words come to life and transform themselves into pictures in a child’s imagination. It’s the way we’ve learned for millennia and it’s absolutely captivating.

It is also highly educational. Children’s early knowledge of story is one of the most important indicators of later educational achievement. And now every child can experience story telling at the tap of a button.

With the Traditional Storyteller apps you can access the very best traditional storytellers on your iPad, iPhone or iPod, whenever and wherever you like.

There are five stories to begin with (one per app), each told by a master storyteller – including Katrice Horsley, the UK National Storytelling Laureate. All of the Traditional Storyteller apps feature a master storyteller talking directly to the child. No gimmicks, no sound effects, just the storyteller enrapturing the child through the expressive use of words, gestures, facial expressions and direct eye contact.

As well as the story, each app also provides three interactive, illustrated games that encourage listening, repeating and the recording of children’s own storytelling.  Taken from a hugely successful, award-winning DVD series for schools, the apps are an engaging and nourishing way to entertain children at home or on the go.

This exciting new range of iPhone/iPad apps can help pre-school and early primary school children listen, learn and speak by marrying the latest technology with the most fundamental form of human interaction – storytelling.

  • Stories can be watched again and again
  • Appeals equally to boys and girls
  • Very easy and fun to use
  • Self-record feature allows anyone to record stories themselves
  • Proven to improve speaking and listening skills leading to better reading and writing
About us

The Traditional Storyteller apps have been developed by the team behind the award-winning The Story Spinner and Stories from Around the World DVD series already enjoyed by over 250,000 UK primary school children. Using the same simple methodology: no gimmicks or sound effects, just a highly-skilled storyteller enrapturing the child through the expressive use of words, gestures, facial expressions and direct eye contact.

Day Two Productions have been working professionally in our respective fields of drama, music, filmmaking and directing for over twenty years.  We all have young children and are passionate about inspiring children in building their confidence and communication skills. We are both excited and proud to have created resources that have been proven to improve key literacy skills.

Our resources are the product of over five years’ extensive research and development with education professionals and children.  The Traditional Storyteller apps are a wonderful opportunity for children to experience the delights of oral storytelling and we sincerely hope that the stories and games give children the creativity and confidence to become storytellers themselves.

Special Thanks

Starting with our fabulous storytellers.  You can click on the link for ‘More Information’ on the home  page to read more about each teller and find contact details for them.

Adam Oliver Animator, Illustrator & Project Manager.  Adam drew the wonderful illustrations for each app; created the title sequences for all of our stories and managed the project.  You can contact him at www.adamoliver.com

Mario Barba [Visivo Design] Artwork Design. Mario designed the artwork, logo and icons  for our apps as well as our Stories from Around the World Series. You can reach Mario Barba at www.visivodesign.co.uk